Annual school events

At the end of every school year we hold an event in which the students have the opportunity to demonstrate their progress to parents and friends through various forms of expression.

In the “early years” we did theater, songs, karaoke and live quiz shows.

In 2006 we started making short films where the students participate as actors. The scripts, which are either written by us or adaptations of well known fairy-tales and myths, are of course in English, French or Spanish.

In 2009 and 2010, having acquired considerable experience in editing, we made some video clips where our students sing mostly well known Greek songs translated or adapted into English and French. The recording of the songs was done in a professional recording studio in Athens while the footage for the video clips was shot in Hydra and Paris, France.

Of course we are complete amateurs with no expertise in film, editing or music but we do our best.


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